«Laurent Dury» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

French new age composer Laurent Dury — who uses live instrumentation (including piano, horns, strings, and woodwinds) in his music in addition to synthesizers — began his career in England, writing songs for the Oxford Press as well as for British television. After he returned to France in 1998, Dury signed to Origins/Terra Humana and soon released his debut, Sophrologie, Vol. 1: Conscience et Harmonie. In 2000 Zen Vol. 1: Chin Den Chin came out, which was followed by five releases the next year, including Le Jardin d’Alice and Les Trésors d’Ali. In 2003, his song “Silk Road” was on Vol. V of the popular Buddha-Bar series. Dury continued his trend of issuing multiple albums in one year in 2004, when he released Musique de Soins: Osteopathie, Musique de Soins: Reiki, Musique de Soins: Sophrologie, and Qi Gong.