«Make It Better Later» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Make It Better Later were formed in November 2005, the first thing they did was book a gig two weeks later. This caused a panic and so a set’s worth of songs were hastily written and rehearsed, before MIBL’s sound was unleashed on an unsuspected small crowd in the Ringside in Hull. From there the band didn’t stop working, gigs were booked across the north of the UK in Manchester, Leeds and many other places (including, of course, their home town of York).

A month after forming (yes, two weeks after the first gig!) MIBL recorded their first EP Coaster. The whole process took two days, from the first note to the final master being burnt onto CD. The band has always had a strong DIY ethic and so spent time burning CDs and copying artwork themselves and securing a digital distribution deal for Coaster via iTunes.

When recording Coaster, some synth violin was added to the infamous Pirate Song and due to the popularity of the song live, the band decided to recruit a violin player to recreate the sound. Rosie was drafted in for a few gigs but unfortunately had degree commitments to attend to and so recommended Amy as a replacement. Immediately the band gained musical credibility as Amy (a ‘proper musician’) joined them. From there the violin started to become an integral part of the foursome’s song writing and live sound.

In the Summer of 2006 MIBL set out on their first self organised and booked UK tour with friends Masenko, before bunkering down into a proper recording studio to record their debut album. The album was recorded and produced by the band themselves, although this time much care and effort was spent on the process, to produce a sound a thousand times better than the first EP.

This brings us up to the present day, the album has been officially released on ITunes as well as other major online distributors. MIBL will now be playing as many gigs as possible over the next few months before recording that difficult second album…