«Maksym Berezovsky» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Maksym Sozontovych Berezovsky (Ukrainian: Максим Созонтович Березовський, Maksym Sozontovych Berezovskyi; Polish: Berezowski; c 1745–1777) was a Ukrainian composer, opera singer, and violinist. His first name sometimes is transliterated as Maxim.

Berezovsky was the first Ukrainian (or “Russian”) composer to be recognized throughout Europe and the first to compose an opera, symphony, and violin sonata. His most popular works are his sacred choral pieces written for the Russian Orthodox Church. Much of his work have been lost; only three of the 18 known choral concertos have been found. Dmytro Bortniansky was thought to be the first Ukrainian (“Russian”) symphonic composer until the discovery of Berezovsky’s Symphony in C by Steven Fox in the Vatican archives in 2002, which was composed around 1770-72.