«Many Things Untold» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Hailing from Essex, England, Many Things Untold were a 5 piece metalcore band known to blend epic, fast-paced metallic riffs and vocals with hardcore breakdowns.

The band started as a four piece act in 2004, consisting of Gary Hellman fronting vocals and guitar, Adam Wilkinson on guitar, Daniel Brown on bass and Tim Wright on drums.

The band did regular gigs and eventually appointed Toby Underhill the role of fronting the band. As Many Things Untold went on and gained popularity, due to personal reasons, Dan Brown decided it was time to leave the band, which was when Timi Hiland (a friend and ex-band mate of Toby’s) replaced him on bass.

Eventually Timi Hiland chose to leave the band to focus on his college education, which was when longtime friend Jack Jarvis started filling in and eventually became a permanent member. Not long after this, Many Things Untold were offered a deal with Rising Records. Jack afterwards left the band and was replaced by friend of the band, Ash Robinson.

Their debut album “Atlantic” was released July 2008 on Rising Records.

A MySpace blog was posted in January 2009 by Gary Hellman, explaining that he had left Many Things Untold. Within a month, his role was filled by ex-This Mantra guitarist Pete.

Not long after, though little word was put around, Toby Underhill left, due to personal reasons. His position was filled by Joe Anderson (previously the band’s merch guy).

Towards the end of 2009, Tim Wright left the band, thus leading to Many Things Untold breaking up. Little news was announced to the public regarding the breakup of the band.

Contrary to popular belief, Many Things Untold are not gone for good and are scheduled to return very soon.