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UPDATE Martriden has released a new album entitled “Encounter the Monolith.” It is currently only available at their website http://martridenrocks.com. The album features six songs with an approximate running time of 50 minutes. The CD was mixed and mastered by Dave Otero of Flatline Audio. The band previously said about the new album, “We feel it contains some of the most brutal, epic, and perhaps most importantly, the most interesting bits of music we’ve put together. We are confident that it is the best collection of songs we’ve composed!” Martriden is an american melodic death/black metal band with progressive and symphonic influences. They were fully formed in 2005 in their home state of Montana, USA. Boasting a sound and sophistication far beyond their years and experience as a band, Martriden are one of the few Black/Death Metal bands from the US that MORE than stand up to their European counterparts in terms of everything listeners have come to expect from the genre. Drawing influence from Opeth, Behemoth, Emperor, Bloodbath, Enslaved and everything in between, Martriden do not just pulverise and maim but also possess the ability to write incredible songs with the kind of dynamics seen in few bands these days. Epic arrangements, relentless drumming and acid gargling vocals? Check. Symphonic melodies, soaring keyboards and rich, thick guitar parts? Check. Rest assured that this band will be appreciated and loved by anyone who prefer a touch of class to their daily headbanging fodder. Following successful US tour dates with the mighty EMPEROR, as well as a phenomenally well received self titled EP via SOAR in March 07, the potential that Martriden offer started to be acknowledged and their next offering eagerly awaited by all…March 2008 sees the arrival of their debut full length, ‘The Unsettling Dark’. With a faultless and huge sounding production from Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage), the album is a bombastic statement of intent; nigh on an hour of continent sized compositions that will both elevate and bludgeon the listener…the perfect balance of melody and heaviness.