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Discipline first and foremost – that’s the fundamental rule when you want to go the distance, reach your goal and make your dreams come true. And you have to be daring … and patient, but above all you have to be able to listen to others… My passion for music and my feelings have taken care of everything else…”

That’s the answer that Paola Peroni gives whoever asks about her bag of tricks.

Born in Brescia, Paola showed a strong passion and a marked inclination for music ever since she was a child. At the age of 14 she started taking piano lessons, then she took a course in history of music offered by the Italian Disc Jockey Association (AID).

In 1991 her first big chance came along: the Genux club – now called Dehor - gave her the opportunity to work the console there, and soon made her one of the resident dj’s.

She followed her passion for music towards new choices and new achievements with some important productions, such as “Step on” and “World of Confusion” for Space Masters (both reaching no. 1 in France), “Every Day in My Life” for House Traffic, “Bang” for The Riders (no. 1 in The Netherlands), “Coming” for Schwarzkopf.

Personal and professional satisfactions were not too far behind. Very hot by now in France, in Germany, in The Netherlands, Paola also started producing as Miss Groovy in 1995.

In 1998, once again thanks to Paola’s insight, came the huge Bacon Popper phenomenon – the result of which was the unforgettable “Free” which sold 120.000 copies in France only.

Soon afterwards Paola found herself opening for Zucchero with her live set during his tour. She says that “there are no words to describe the emotion - quite unique!!! It was like being part of a big “tribe” where everybody has tasks and duties and the whole things is organized professionally.”

In 2002 she produced “Acelerando” with Ramirez - yet another hit - which entered the German and English charts.

Now that she is on the Media Records team, what has Paola in store for us? “Trip on the Moon”(on the BXR label in Italy and on the Nukleuz label in The UK) was followed last September by the release of “Harem”, a multi-ethnic record: a musical harem where the techno beat comes to join the sounds of the Far East. A turmoil of intense emotions. And hot off the press is the Kiper project “The Land of Freedom”, born of a collaboration with friend and colleague Joy Kitikonti. With “The Land of Freedom” the techno-logic odd couple treats us to a journey to that free land we have inside, each and every one of us. And what about the collaboration between Paola Peroni and Gigi D’Agostino for the tracks Officina Emotiva “ The power of love” and “Everybody Change”…

Some clubs where she performed:


SESTO SENSO (Garda Lake Desenzano)

TEATRIZ (Lugo di Ravenna)

EMBASSY (Rimini)

MATHIS (Bologna)



MAD CLUB (Losanna)

LES PALAIS (Ginevra)



LA XALA (Rotterdam)


TITAN (France)

COLOSSOS (Lioret de Mar)

WONDER (Barcellona)

SCORPIA (Barcellona)

XQUE (Barcellona)

QLUB TEMPO (Holland)





And then the raves:


PIRAMID (Swizerland)

THUNDERDOME in Italy (Number One Italy)


COCORICO (Riccione-Italy)

CASSIUS TOUR (Bogotà-Medellin/Colombia)

And more…

Some tracks produced:

Beverly (1992) The power of love (Media Records Top hit in Australia)

49rs (1992) Touch me rmx (Media Records)

D.J. Spy (1992) Go to your heart (Media Records)

House Traffic (1994) Everyday of my life (Bmg/Logic U.K. world) charts U.K.

Space master (1996) World of confusion (Airplay Rec. Top one in France and also release in Australia and Canada

Space master (1996) Jumping to the party Gas, Japan, U.S.A France….)

The Riders (1996) Bang ( Top One in Nl e Scandinavia)

D.J.Groovy(1996) Shake it (Snipper/polygram France- SPV Germania- Id & T nl)

Miss Groovy (1996) Jungle sickness (VHU/ Id & T)

Schwarzkopf (1995) Comin’ (Pwl U.K.)

D.J.Groovy (1996) U can boogie (polygram – ID & T)

Bacon popper (1998) Free ( Snap&shake –France/Sony- Gas ZYX

Avex Japan- Ginger Spain - world)

Bacon popper- (1999) Rejoice in love (Scorpio Fr-Zyx Gas-Avex Japan-Iceberg rec Bmg


D.J.Groovy (1999) Confusione (Vale Music Spain – Arcade Nl)

My first album “Bacon Popper” (2000)

Miss Groovy (1999) Peace (Pasta rec)

D.J. Groovy (2000) Claro que si (Pasta rec/)

Miss Groovy (2001) Hey you (Tempo music Spain)

Bacon Popper (2002) I gonna do/Trip to India ( Benelux)ZYX

Bacon Popper (2002) Free 2001 the remixes Sony france/ Zyx

Money Penny (2002) Two ways (Emi world)

Compilation (2001) Scorpia 7 anniversario (Tempo music)

Compialtion (2002) Pasta Party

Frenetiko (2002/2003) Don’t look at me (Deep swing rmx) (white)

Ramirez (2002) Acelerando (Dfc-Bonzai-Zyx)

D.J. Scot Project (2002) O (Miss Groovy Remix) (Extrawilde/hitland-Overdose)

Miss Peppermint (2002) Back in time (Miss Groovy Remix) (Alphabetcity-Mediarecords)

Peran (2002) Good times (Miss Groovy Remix) (Reactor/Mediarecords)

Technoteacher(2003) The Hook (Miss Groovy Remix) (Reactor/Mediarecords)

Tomcraft (2003) Loneliness (Miss Groovy Remix) (Reactor/Mediarec)

Paola Peroni (2003) Trip on the moon / M.I.R. (Bxr/ Nukleuz U.K./Media benelux Zyx )

Compilation (2003) Italian Hardstyle (Media Benelux/Sony)

Paola Peroni (2004) Harem (Bxr/ Avex japan/Media Benelux Zyx)

Kiper (2004) The land of freedom (Bxr)

Cappella (2004) Angel (Media Records)

Officina Emotiva (2004) The power of love (Noisemaker)

Officina Emotiva (2005) Everybody change (Noisemaker)

Last Spirit You dropped a bomb on me (Net’s work -Globalnet)

The Riders 2006 Bang (Noculan Nl)

Elektro Groovy Raga me (Net’s work -Globalnet)

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