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Motormark were a Scottish electronic punk band formed in 2001. In early 2007 Motormark split up and members Jane and Marko founded a new band with two new members called FANGS. The band consisted of Jane Fisher (stage name Jane Motoro) and Mark Law (stage name Marko Poloroid).


Jane was in folk singing group, The Singing Kettle, with her parents Cilla and Artie. However in 2001, she left to form Motormark with Mark Law, whose mother was a bass player with a Polish rock band.

Jane and Mark met at high school in Kirkcaldy when they were in their early teens. Jane liked music such as the Pixies, and they both liked bands Siouxsie and the Banshees, Atari Teenage Riot, Devo, and Sonic Youth. They began drinking at the local cemetery with a large group of friends, when Mark formed a high school band. Jane and Mark grew closer, and eventually all other members of the band left due to their "weird" relationship.

The band went through various name changes, and recorded music which their teachers found inappropriate. Mark was even banned from attending music class. Both Jane and Mark left school at the earliest opportunity. Jane wanted to be an actress so, she moved to France. Mark studied music in Glasgow, but after a short period of time moved to New York, without telling anyone, and stayed there for six months. Pictures appeared in the News of the World of Mark DJ’ing in Casablanca.

In 1995, Jane was involved in a serious car accident in Paris. Both Jane and Mark return to Scotland for jobs in Jane's parents band, The Singing Kettle. But, in 2001, they left and used the money they had made to release their first record as Motormark.

The pair were surprised when Too Pure suggest they release some Motormark singles. Their Ramones sampler 'Lets Go' was released on Jane’s birthday, the same day Joey Ramone died, and NME dubbed it as ‘nauseating'. They played their first live show on 23 January 2002.

Motormark then auditioned for other members. But, after several failed auditions, they continued as a duo.

Mark then decided to give the band a new look. Jane’s giant cone shaped dress quickly becomes the star of the show so they destroyed it in fit of jealousy. They went on to play shows with Ladytron, Peaches, Junior Senior and support Bis on their farewell tour. They then went to Spain and played with The White Stripes and Sonic Youth. After a few weeks, they returned to Scotland to work on their debut album pop:up. The album was recorded in a day and released on Barcelona’s Popchild Record Label. The Album got great reviews, even by NME, which up until now had slagged off any of the band's attempts at stardom.

With the new album, came more touring. Jane and Mark then started writing the next album 'Chrome Tape'. The band then met Richard Norris from The Grid. Excited about his earlier work with Joe Strummer and Psychic TV, they suggest they record above a transvestite cafe in an abandoned sweetie factory.

When the album was finished, Motormark left for shows in Bilbao and Barcelona. Richard followed them insisting on teaching the pair archery. Mark injured his hand and they returned to the UK. Needing a sleeve design, the group met with artist Lung. Jane and Mark then hosted a performance art show. Lung designed the album cover on serviettes from his pocket. The album was released later that year.



  • pop:up (2001)
  • Chrome Tape (2004)


  • Eat, Drink, Sleep, Think (2004)
  • Note To Self (2006)


  • Let's Go (2001)


FANGS are a touring punk band.

Mark is in the group under the name Marko Nein. Jane is using the name Queen. Lloyd Alex on Synth and Jojo Doll on drums.

Lloyd Alex founded Glasgow electronic trio BabyBones with Greg Cossar and Margret Maclean in 2005.


  • Automatic Rock N Roll (2011)

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