«Mushroom Fantastica» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Mushroom Fantastica first of all was formerly known as Shroom Jaw. Shroom Jaw was a well known indie band that ripped heads off in the Ontario bar circuit from 1993 through to 2004. The band changed its name to Mushroom Fantastica in early 2004 after its singer Shawn Fryfogle left the group for personal reasons. The band went on two write the indie cd “No More Lies” and “Songs from the Back Room”. These were compiled indie collections of the bands new and old music.

Shroom Jaw and M.F. had a reputation for recording there own music without the assistance of major labels or studios for that matter. The band and its following had a love for keeping it real and raw. Everything ever composed by Shroom Jaw & Mushroom Fantastica is the sole property of the band and its member. No label ever had rights to the music so if you find it under a major label other than last fm, its bogus. The bands drummer managed the music and still to this very day is the only member that deals with the bands music.

Pimp 33, is a sydoname used for crazy songs composed and written by Steve T the bands drummer and manager. On last FM songs by Pimp 33 are mixed with Shroom Jaw and Mushroom Fantastica, yet PIMP 33 is comedy style mod rock made to make people laugh n chuckle. Some songs are of adult nature.