«Nihil Est» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Nihil Est just comes from this desire to express a sort of chaos. The name derives from the ancient idiom of Gorgia (Nihil Est = nothing is) and underlines the intention not to have any scheme. Fuck the labels and the hardcore-metal teachings. We’ve always been doing what we liked, that’s it. Maybe the sound isn’t the one that we were looking for yet, but experience will teach.

After a former totally wrong formation, we bumbed into Catta, a visionary guitarist, Marco, bass player and burper and, after thousands efforts, Orkun, worthy drummer, who came from Istanbul to Milan to study (but, let’s say it, above all in order to play with Nihil Est). We all work hard to express our creativity. Because art doesn’t reproduce the visible, but makes visible the invisible, it makes visible forces which are not, as Klee

said. This is basically our idea of music and art, which is pretty important to us.

With an average of 18 years old, we really feel like experimenting and creating new stuff.

As a matter of fact I want a sax in the next song, I don’t know how, the rest of the group doesn’t even know it yet, but I like it. And this is Nihil Est.