«Picklepirate89» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The Pirate of the Pickle was a mild mannered teenage youth happily living out his adult life. That was until an interstellar asteroid collided with him while he was riding his Fisher Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja Monster Traction Ride-On Toy. Although he was unscathed his beloved Power Wheels Ride-On Toy suffered irreparable damage. Angered at the loss of his kick-ass power wheel, he turned to the asteroid in a blind fury and began to crush it in a frenzied fit of burning passion. After several days of pummeling the asteroid broke open to reveal a mysterious box. Having vented his anger, he was now filled with a sense of curiosity which led him to pick up the box and examine it. The words “Spock Action Set” were the first words to catch his eye. “Monkey nuts!” Picklepirate exclaimed, “You gotta be flippin my chain chomp no way!!!” He ripped open the box with childish glee and examined the contents inside. A dashing belt, a pair of sporting trousers, a devilishly tight tank top, and to top it all off the mother of all ear/wig headpieces. He immediately donned the outfit and felt a surge of power rush through him. He now had the strength of ten children (who were roughly 44 to 48 inches in height) and the agility of a dolphin. With this new found power, he knew what he must do. From that point on he took on the name Action Spock and began traveling through the stars in his Fisher-Price Little Einsteins Transform & Go Rocket to avenge the destruction of his Kawasaki Power Wheels. Adventuring through space Action Spock will stop at nothing to find the riff raff responsible for hurling the asteroid that annihilated his toy.

Now he makes music to calm his beating heart.