«Proudentall» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Proudentall were a rock band from Kansas City, MO. They officially formed as a four-piece in May of 1996 but remained a 3-piece after second guitarist Clay Zimmerman left the region for college. They played their first show at the Daily Grind in June with The Get Up Kids, Boys Life, and Karate. The band recorded a seven song demo tape at Egoless Recordings in Lawrence, Kansas, in July of that year. Only about 60 tapes were made, most of which were given away or sold at shows for $1.00.

In winter of 1996, they recorded another five song demo at Egoless, with Zimmerman being home from school. Two of the songs appeared on a self-released 7” in March of 1997. With Clay once again back at school, they remained a three-piece, trying to write newer, better songs. After the release of the 7” they were featured on a compilation titled “World Domination in 13 Easy Steps,” released on a California label. In the spring of 2000, the band welcomed 2nd guitarist Sean Bergman and released their debut full-length CD on Caulfield Records titled “What’s Happening Here.” Some of the band’s influences included Karate, Seam, The Van Pelt, June of 44, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox, Boys Life, Giant’s Chair, and Braid.

Proudentall was:

Billy Ning - Bass guitar

John Cruz - Drums/Percussion

Matt Dunehoo - Guitar/vocals

Clay Zimmerman - Guitars

Sean Bergman - Guitars