«Purple Elf» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Purple Elf are a power trio who formed whilst living together at Staffordshire University. With a shared love of psychedelic and drug-influenced music, “The Elf” are on a cosmic mission to send the inner workings of their brain out into the world through the power of Music.

Although not the most commercial band Purple Elf have managed to find a steady army of wandering minds who hear the message and as the “Psychedelic Minstrels” bumble around from gig to gig, event to event, session to session, the army keeps on growing.

“Evolutionary Outcome” is the first release from the band. It’s varying sounds show the bands development as composers and writers. Purple Elf are starting to explain, tell and live the ways of self-awareness, community and mind expansion.

Nothing is planned or perfected, it’s just a lifestyle.