«Quigley G» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips


Quigley G joined Goofy Guys in 1991, during the recording of their third album, The Flush. A multi instrumentalist with a taste for the offbeat, Quigley’s input proved indispensable for the next couple of the years as the band cranked out a series of releases and first gained extensive recognition for their pioneering “neighborhood” sound. Sacked in February 1994 for a litany of reasons, Quigley nonetheless contacted former bandmates XT Force and Doom J Warrior about producing a solo record in 1995, though it never materializes. He then disappeared for the better part of six years. In February of 2001, almost seven years to the date of their last collaboration, XT Force and Quigley G began work on new material and eventually resurrected Goofy Guys. 2003 saw the release of a live concert actually recorded by Quigley in late 1995, Live At Lonno’s, and along with continued work for his primary band a number of other projects are reportedly underway.