«Regurgitator» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Regurgitator is an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia which formed in 1994. It consists of lead singer/guitarist Quan Yeomans, bassist Ben Ely, drummer Peter Kostic and newly recruited keyboardist Seja Vogel. A blend of rock and electronica, they captured a devout following and have been credited for invigorating the Australian indie pop scene in 1996 with their debut album titled Tu-Plang. Regurgitator have undergone several changes in musical direction over the years, including a move towards hip-hop and away from their rock roots, which have not always been popular with some fans. The band are popular for their 3D animated videos which were created by Quan and his longtime partner (now ex-partner), Janet English (bassist and vocalist of Spiderbait) Quan and Janet originally worked together under the name of “The Shits” but were forced to change the name to “Happyland” on the release of their first album. The band are most notably famous for their stint recording their latest album in 2004, Mish Mash, which was recorded completely in what was called a ‘bubble’; a glass dome able to be viewed by the public in Melbourne’s Federation Square. The project was rigorously promoted in Australia as the ‘Band in the Bubble’. Despite now focussing on a variety of different projects (and Quan’s move to Hong Kong), Regurgitator continue to intermittently tour and record, with a new album Love and Paranoia released in September 2007. They are touring Australia this year, and will tour China shortly after. Official site: www.regurgitator.net