«Republic Of Safety» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Plans for the formation of the Republic of Safety were hatched at an

International Congress in Toronto in December of 2003. The Republic was

formed in early 2004. Its borders are in a constant state of flux,

encompassing all regions and peoples willing to rock out. It is not

separated into provinces or states, because citizens of the Republic

believe in community and extremely close physical proximity while

dancing. This modern and technologically advanced Republic is largely

self-sufficient due to its large stores of musical talent, energy,

organization and rock-power generation capabilities. The abundance of

such natural resources makes it a perfect place to immigrate to, if you

are looking for a new home that will nurture your need to rock and/or

dance. The founders of the Republic boast a long list of political

credentials and revolutionary tools, including (but not limited to)

membership in several musical ensembles, documentary filmmaking,

election planning, opera, playwriting, community galvanizing, and

command of the free press.