«Scald» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

There are multiple artists with this name:1) Scald was a relatively unknown epic doom metal band formed 1993 in Yaroslavl, Russia. The band had a strong Viking imagery surrounding them, one you would often find in black metal bands. Musically, the band played very epic sounding doom metal. Majestic slow riffing, strong solos and epic clean wailing vocals are at the centre point of their music. The band disbanded after their vocalist Agyl (Maxim Adrianov) died in 1997. The band decided to disband rather then continue after his death. However, in 2003, their debut album was re-issued. Regardless, the band has remained largely unknown, which is a shame as they are a must for anybody into old school epic doom metal. Band Members: ~ Agyl / Maxim Adrianov (Vocals) RIP 06/09/97 (Died in a train accident) ~ Harald (Guitar) ~ Karry (Guitar) ~ Verlingor (Bass) ~ Ottar (Drums) Discography: ~ North Winds (Demo) 1994 ~ Will of the Gods is Great Power (Album) 1996www.myspace.com/scaldtribute2) Scald is the name of an experimental metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland 3) Scald is a punk rock band from Finland.