«ShankFist Wreckage Technique» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

SHANKFIST WRECKAGE TECHNIQUE are a collective of no fixed abode, boasting members in such geographically disparate places as London, Berlin, New York, Denver, Berlin, Krakow, Dublin and Macclesfield.

They slip between the cracks of genres, producing sounds that suit every palette from industrial dubsteppers, melodic drum ‘n’ bass heads, turntablist funksters, dissonant electronicists and old skool ravers. Everything except piano driven anthemic rock - at least, so far.

Their debut single was THE WILF DADDY, a laid back slab of instrumental hip-hop, a dirty little ditty that channelled Roy Budd via Dr Dre. The remix by artisan bass-smiths Dynasty gained heavy support from Redline & Feedback on underground station Flex FM before finding its way onto Huw Stephens’ show on Radio 1.

The momentum continued with PREACHER a slab of dirty phunk with a spooky piano, rude bassline, a filthy break and a positively obscene string section. The successful partnering with Dynasty continued with radio play again from Huw Stephens and Redline & Feedback.

Church & State saw SHANKFIST WRECKAGE TECHNIQUE hook up with New York rapper LOGAN P. MCCOY to deliver a more ominous soundscape, a post-apocalyptic soundclash of melody and dissonance with densely lyrical wordplay.

September 2013 sees the release of the single FIRST REJECTION followed by the discography summarising COLLECTIVE in early October 2013, with a full array of genre smashing remixes that reinterpret each song in a radically different style.