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Sinjin Hawke (born Alan Stanley Soucy Brinsmead) is a Canadian electronic music producer currently residing in Barcelona, Spain.


Sinjin Hawke was born in the state of New Jersey, his father a horn player and computer graphics programmer, and his mother a university professor.

His experiments with rap production started in his early teenage years, trying to emulate the grandiose orchestral aesthetic of Just Blaze and DJ Premier instrumentals without using their traditional sampling techniques. As he grew older his interests began to drift towards Montreal's electronic music scene, and in 2009 he started Boomclap, a weekly party at a local nightclub called Blue Dog. After hosting artists like DJ Rashad and Lunice, Sinjin was inspired to create his first palpable waves as a producer. This began with a self-released collection of bootlegged reworks, taking on tracks from Beyonce, The-Dream, DJ Khaled, and other flagship artists of modern hip-hop and R&B, and twisting their commercial-radio origins into pieces of underground club music.

In 2011, Sinjin quit his job, sold everything and moved to Barcelona, where he crafted his first EP, "The Lights". The debut effort was released towards the tail end of 2011 through the Belgium-based Pelican Fly label. Sinjin rode the success of this release throughout 2012 as a regularly touring artist around Europe, North America, and Asia. For this he developed a live hardware performance, consisting of drum machines and analog synths, which was later broadcast by Boiler Room in Los Angeles.

Mid 2012, Sinjin released "Prom Nite" on Pelican Fly and followed that up with a series of official remixes for ghettotech pioneers DJ Funk and DJ Assault.

In 2013, he participated in the New York City instalment of the Red Bull Music Academy, where he collaborated with highly acclaimed rap producer, Just Blaze, on a song called “One”. This came shortly after Sinjin released a song with founding member of Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo.

In 2014, Sinjin and Zora Jones established an artistic platform called Fractal Fantasy, christening it with a series of computer graphic driven audio-visual pieces. These first pieces have featured musical collaborations between Sinjin and other producers such as New Jersey Ballroom mainstay MikeQ, and co-founder of Night Slugs, L-Vis 1990.



  • Sinjin Hawke "The Lights" EP - 2011 (Pelican Fly)

Original Songs

  • Sinjin Hawke & Just Blaze "One" - 2014 (RBMA)
  • Sinjin Hawke & MikeQ "Thunderscan" - 2014 (Fractal Fantasy)
  • Sinjin Hawke & L-Vis 1990 "The Pit" - 2014 (Sound Pellegrino)
  • Sinjin Hawke & L-Vis 1990 "Flash Alert" - 2014 (Fractal Fantasy)
  • Ian Isiah - "Private Party" (Prod. by Sinjin Hawke) - 2013 (Uno Records)
  • Sinjin Hawke & Gangsta Boo "Yea Hoe" - 2013 (RBMA)
  • Sinjin Hawke & Morri$ "Ferrofluid" - 2013 (Fractal Fantasy)
  • Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones "VClipse" - 2013 (Fractal Fantasy)
  • Sinjin Hawke "Prom Nite" - 2013 (Pelican Fly)
  • Sinjin Hawke & DJ Sliink "Gas Pump" - 2011 (Self Release)
  • Sinjin Hawke & Morri$ "One Kiss" - 2011 (Self Release)

Official Remixes

  • Dre Skull "First Time (ft. Popcaan) [Sinjin Hawke Remix]" - 2013 (Mixpak)
  • DJ Funk "Three Fine Hoes (Sinjin Hawke Remix)" - 2013 (Booty Call)
  • DJ Assault & Socalled "Sleepover (Sinjin Hawke Remix)" - 2013 (Membran)
  • Lunice, Prison Garde & Ango - "Drama (Sinjin Hawke & Canblaster Remix)" - 2012 (RBMA)
  • Boylan Teklife - "Hi Light (Sinjin Hawke Remix)" - 2011 (Moveltraxx)

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