«Sion» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

There a multiple bands named SION:

1) A Japanese rock singer

2) A Russian metalcore band.

3) A British alternative rock band.

4) A Japanese vocalist known mostly for her work with teranoid & MC Natsack

5) A Welsh producer.

1) SION is a Japanese rock singer. He was conspicuous in early Japanese indies scene and one of the most important. He respects old good blues, rock, trad, and punk musicians. Especially, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

In addition, Japanese old artists. 泉谷しげる, 友部正人 and more.

2) Sion - metalcore band from St. Petersburg (Russia).

The band plays a musicstyle which can be traced as christcore. Creativity of a command was affected with love to the broad audience of bands - from My Chemical Romance, Underoath, Emery and to Bleeding Through, Soilwork, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean u Black Dahlia Murder and others. Despite of all aggression, the band bears the pure and light message opened for all!

3) Sion is a alternative rock band from the UK. They fromed in May 2004, have played over 300 gigs having toured the US, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, France and the UK too many times to count.

The Hampshire band have an amazing hardcore following throughout the UK due to energetic live performances and rave reviews; “Their emotion-heavy clutch of universe-zapping riffs, hook and harmonies has to be heard by a bigger audience. Exciting, exciting, exciting” - The Fly - June 2007.

Having won an unsigned competition on XFM the band played at the 2006 O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, and were invited back to play again in 2007 alongside Air, QOTSA and the White Stripes.

Last year saw Sion headline shows in Spain along with 2 UK tours, A tour around Europe with Oceansize, and sell-out of their 1,000 limited pressings of the ‘This Is Your Self-Portrait’ EP in just 8 weeks. This year has seen new releases, new tours, new management and a new confidence for the future…

4) Sion is a female vocalist known mainly for providing vocals for a number of teranoid & MC Natsack albums. Notably, she has been known to be the “face” of teranoid - appearing as teranoid at many live events before teranoid was revealed to be an alias of Kosuke “kors k” Saito.

5) Sion is a 20 year old Welsh producer signed to signed to Chase & Status’ MTA Records.