«Sky Eats Airplane» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The members of Sky Eats Airplane, from Fort Worth, TX, USA started their musical careers in two separate bands. Brack began playing guitar in Backseat Driver in 2003. It was a Punk/Post-Hardcore group which consistently drew a hundred people per show. Meanwhile, Lee created a band called Our First Fall with Daniel Hunter (Now Analog Rebellion), which had an indie/post-hardcore sound. By the time Backseat Driver failed due to problems with band members, Our First Fall was drawing a consistent hundred people per show. The band quickly jumped at the chance to let Brack play guitar. Brack and Lee used their differing musical approaches to their advantage, combining both traditional and radical sounds to create a unique chemistry. Lee had an inventive musical approach and Brack fine-tuned songs with his natural, music mindset. This creative path led them to experiment with electronica programs. Eventually, the band came to an impasse with Brack and Lee deciding to pursue a hybrid genre of electronica music and hardcore punk rock. The Result was Sky Eats Airplane, created in 2005 by Lee Duck and Brack Cantrell. Following the release of several demo songs, the band became a huge online success and became well known in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For a total of three months, Brack and Lee worked on their self-produced album titled “Everything Perfect On the Wrong Day”. The entire nine-track album was exclusively recorded and produced by the duo. On July 15th, 2006, Sky Eats Airplane held their CD release party for their debut album, and alone drew 125 people for a fantastic live show. In the Fall of 2006, Brack left the band due to wanting to pursue softer, acoustic music. He is currently a member of Balance Problems. Lee took this as a great opportunity to have a nationwide search for the perfect singer for the band. After over two months of searching, Jerry Roush was made vocalist for the band. During the same time, local Texas metal act (in theory) broke up. In no time, three of their previous members joined the band: Zack Ordway, Johno Erickson, and Kenny Schick. Thus, Sky Eats Airplane has evolved into a full 5-piece band with two guitarists and a bassist, drummer, and singer. In January of 2009, drummer Kenny Schick was replaced by former drummer of Periphery, Travis Orbin. Later that Year, Jerry Roush and Johno Erickson left the band as well. Roush went on to take the place of Of Mice And Men’s vocalist, Austin Carlile (Formerly of Attack Attack!). Carlile was undergoing heart surgery at the time. Johno also left shortly after to pursue other opportunities. Around the turn of 2010, both Erickson and Roush were replaced through a talent search initiated by the band. Taking the position of vocalist was Bryan Zimmerman (formerly of Abi Viscera). Taking the position of bassist, as well as backing vocalist was Elliot Coleman (formerly of Of Man Not Of Machine). SEA recorded their EP, “The Sound of Symmetry” with their newest members. In August of 2010, as the band was touring, Bryan Zimmerman was unexpectedly announced as no longer being a member of Sky Eats Airplane. The band has yet to announce a new singer. Hopefully this “lead singer curse” doesn’t plague the band for much longer. Sky Eats Airplane accomplished their underground success without any mainstream promotion, instead promoting themselves entirely through word of mouth and via their MySpace page.