«Small Night Orchestra» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Small Night Orchestra is Matias Armando, an Argentinian.-based Musician/Composer and Producer. His music style mixes elements of Trip Hop, Electronica Downtempo and Breakbeats.

In 2009 Small Night Orchestra released “The Immortality of the Crabs” on Kraak Records a Greek based label. This ten track album is a mixture of various music genres, it consists mainly of Downtempo Electronica, with Jazzy and Funky influences, elements of Hip hop, Drum and bass, Sampling and Breakbeat.

In 2010 Small Night Orchestra returns with a fresh and pure IDM electronic album with analog feeling and sounds. Vintage attitude, minimal and experimental arrangement under the name “I-lek-tron-ik”…

2011 saw the release of “Simha” on TimeWarp Music, with a Lounge aesthetic and Dub sounds mixed with tablas, sitar and Funky beats.