«Steve Kipner» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Kipner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to an American father and Australian mother. He began his career in music in Australia as a member of the band Steve & The Board who achieved a number one single with the song “Giggle Eyed Goo”. Kipner then formed a duo with Steve Groves, and as Tin Tin achieved an American Top 20 single with “Toast and Marmalade for Tea” in 1971. Produced by Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees, the song’s success led to Tin Tin supporting the Bee Gees on their American tour of 1972.

By this time Kipner was more interested in working as a songwriter and scored his first success when “Catch Me I’m Falling” was recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck in 1974. He recorded a solo album in 1979 during this time met Australian manager Roger Davies. Although Davies’ greatest success lay in the future as manager of such artists as Tina Turner and Janet Jackson, he was able to secure contracts for Kipner as a songwriter for CBS Publishing where he worked in various partnerships, writing for Spanish singer Miguel Bose among others.

In the early 1980s he co-wrote a song with English songwriter Terry Shaddick titled “Let’s Get Physical.” When he played the song for Roger Davies, the manager Lee Kramer heard the song from the next room and thought it would be suitable for his client Olivia Newton-John and to promote another client “Mr. Universe” on her album cover. Retitled “Physical” the song spent ten weeks at number one on the American charts and was a worldwide hit. It also marked a controversial moment in Newton-John’s career when Kipner’s and Shaddick’s suggestive lyrics caused it to be banned in Utah and South Africa.

Kipner’s songwriting career has continued strongly since this major success, and among the other songs he has co-written are “Heart Attack” and “Twist of Fate” (both recorded by Newton-John), “Hard Habit to Break” and “If She Would Have Been Faithful…” (Chicago), “Marrakech” (Seiko Matsuda) “Moonlight On Water” (Laura Branigan), “Impulsive” (Wilson Phillips), “Invisible Man” and “The Hardest Thing” (98 Degrees), “Genie in a Bottle” (Christina Aguilera), “I Don’t Care” (Angela Vía, Delta Goodrem), “He Loves U Not” (Dream), and “Stole” (Kelly Rowland).