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Tinitus Pärt (Feliks Thielemann) & Mathias Schwarz - that´s Super Flu!!!

Electronic lifestyle contains more than just music - it´s the beginning of a new fusion! The ambition of Super Flu is to connect tradition and modern electronic music in terms of vitality and joy of life. Thereby, it always remains elementary to satisfy the user´s claim in quality. Pulsative machine songs, generally beyond all words, are already a steady part in omnipresence.

Super Flu´s acoustic art takes musically a step forward - and still it remains techno with more than just one level! Details, breaks, structures, substance, background. Music for a journey between two scenes on earth - and four speakers in a club. Or possibly just for the trip amongst cupboard and window? This new trend impersonates all demands in instinctiveness, tradition and musical emotion. It´s electronic lifestyle…

Halle, Germany