«Super Galactic Expansive» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Super Galactic Expansive is the collaborative project of Anand (Amagine) Petigara and Jamie (Kilowatts) Watts.

Amagine is the silver-tongued Master of Ceremonies verbosely dropping illuminating science on the unsuspecting auditory nerves of serious listeners everywhere. Crafting the rhythmic elements of his eloquent sentences from quite an early age, Anand has dramatically evolved his rapid-fire delivery; starting with adolescent battles across Philadelphia, PA, leading him to meet fellow Philadelphian emcee, Blame the Kid to form the duo “800 Import.” Taking their machine-gun-rap to NYC, Amagine and Blame the Kid joined forces with the live Brooklyn, NY based Hip-Hip band, Cold Hands Collective, playing extensively around the Big Apple for several years, until Anand decided he was truly tired of the excessive amount of fetid Chinatown Bus rides between Philly and NYC. Gratefully taking the invaluable knowledge gained from devouring microphones with CHC across such respected NYC stages, as South Paw, The Bitter End, and CBGB’s, Anand knew things were only beginning, as his meticulous mind increasingly became warped and expanded from the very moment he stumbled upon the reality shattering wonders of psychedelic music & culture—causing an instant dimensional shift in his art. Shortly after this powerful discovery, amidst the glow of a forest’s morning, destinies collided and two seemingly divergent sonic paths reached a concrescence, as Amagine met KiloWatts.

KiloWatts mans the psychedelic machinery upon which lucid language takes flight into the cosmos. With six solo albums behind him and many other collaborations, Jamie has been unleashing mind-expanding electronic music upon the masses since the days of DOS-based trackers. His music embraces IDM, breaks, techno, and everything in between. Through the underground electronic music producer scene, Jamie met Peter Van Ewijk to create two mysterious albums between Belgium and Philadelphia. In the same telecommunicative way, Jamie and Bil Bless, also known as the Son of the Electric Ghost, glued together a thousand musical fragments of inspiration to form their hyperactive glitchfest project called Skeetaz. With consistent quality, Jamie has released music with numerous record labels, including Om Records, Native State Records, Thoughtless Music and Dirtybird Records.

Super Galactic Expansive have a strong, loving, and loyal following as they have performed around the Philadelphia area. Amagine’s intricate rhymes, supercharged with Cosmic consciousness creatively cushioned by KiloWatts’s customized digital wizardry, have presently mutated into hyper-intelligent soliloquies of relentless positivity, revealing shifting perspectives and possibilities amidst a rigid reality crumbling.