«Surt» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

When this darkness has begun?

2008 - first days of the band, but we played without a name

- year without a singer

- Agnaar wrote first songs (Temple of Pain and Sorrow, Warmaster, Path to the Abyss)

- we were every week in the rehearshal room

2009 - Enthermontth wrote us a mail that he wants to sign

- he send us Temple of Pain and Sorrow with his vocals and we agreed

- Enthermontth became our singer and he also wrote our first lyrics

2010 - first live recordings and first gigs in Levice

- In november we recorded our first demo

2011- in january was the first release of our demo

- first big show in Pardubice with Sekhmet, Trautenauer 666, Unclean and Narraukar

- the band has played some live show in Czech and Slovak Republic

- another records, but now for full-lenght which will be released next year