«Tener Duende» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Tener Duende are a three piece, Paul Minter, Matthew Ruranski and Chester Boyd, all players from the south coast of England.

They are an acoustic ensemble comprising guitar, bass and the cajon.

Their name draws inspiration from Spain, or more specifically, the fire and soul that is Flamenco. They are however strictly speaking not Flamenco players. Their musical influences suggest the West Coast of America, Eastern Europe and the Hot Club of France.

Within this, the band’s music retains a distinctive English quality.

The Cajon (a wood box full of snare wires) is played by Matthew, with verve and subtlety and forms a distinctive and exotic component to their sound.

Chester Boyd’s bass mediates with incremental precision between the rasp of the cajon and Paul’s dynamic guitar work.

The bass is an anchor and mediator that seems to keep the guitar and cajon from either flying apart or doing battle.

This effect unites a visceral percussive energy with the inventive and explosive tonalities of the guitar.

This is tempered and overlaid with fine three part vocal harmonies. Tener Duende play excellently constructed songs with feeling and passion that can perhaps justify their endorsement or Spanish Soul.