«The Bossfights» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

From their Facebook page:

The Bossfights started off with Z1, Kevo and Juggernaut playin in the garage on their time off. As the music grew more technical and involved they recruited Bishop to play lead guitars. This sent “the band” in an entirely new direction. Backed by Bishop’s face-melting riffs, Kevo’s funktastic bass lines and Juggernaut’s driving drum beats, ZeaLouS1 leveled up and we became The Bossfights. There was something missing though…

Enter Dr. Awkward.

Doc came to hang out for a couple practices, and the freestyle flows and melodic adlib choruses added a whole new dimension to the music. It was a match meant to be.

Now complete, The Bossfights have been working hard to bring you something you haven’t heard before. The debut album features music of many different genres including heavy metal, hip hop, r&b, rockabilly, alt. rock, and every possible combination in between.

We hope you enjoy the new album. We are not responsible for any melted faces. Hope to see you at a show!