«The Japonize Elephants» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The Japonize Elephants a are group of twenty musicians led by the Emperqq of Zerlock. The band’s eclectic sound is influenced by bluegrass, folk, and jazz with plenty of ethnic influences including Far and Middle Eastern. The group combines these influences with the sound effects antics of musicians like Crazy Otto (Fritz Schulz-Reichel). Their first CD, Bob’s Bacon Barn, was released by Secretly Canadian in February 1996; after appearing on several compilations, the Japonize Elephants released their follow-up CD, Le Féte du Cloune-Pirate, in March 1998, a third album: Forty Years of Our Family was released Aug. 2002. The band released their latest album in the end on 2013, Melodie Fantastique.