«The Onion Sale» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The Onion Sale (Jun Torii) is a electro/progressive house artist currently living in Germany.

The Onion Sale is a result of the hot summer of 2009 which followed Jun Torii’s junior year at high school. House was in the air (Frankfurt, Germany), Pendulum played an amazing gig at Glastonbury, and at the same time, his friends introduced him to YMCK’s ‘magical 8-bit plugin’. After years of mass experimentation between these diverse genres, he formulated his own style: progressive house with a crispy drumbeat, a solid bassline, and a dynamic-yet-gentle touch of 8-bit harmony.

He is also part of the indie electronica group Zap! Armadillo. He also remixes the occasional pop song.