«The Wealthy West» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

As the enigmatic singer for The Rocketboys, Brandon Kinder of Austin, TX has set himself apart as a powerful songwriter with a unique voice and a knack for telling stories through song.

Through the success and loyal following The Rocketboys have built over the years, Brandon has captivated audiences through four acclaimed albums and prominent TV and film placements. In his spare time, Brandon began writing songs that wouldn’t necessarily fit for The Rocketboys, and without a true outlet for them, The Wealthy West was born.

The Wealthy West trades The Rocketboys’ anthemic indie rock for a serious dose of Americana coupled with Kinder’s signature eccentricity weaved into tales of bad choices, long roads, longing for home and the banality of love.

The Wealthy West will release their eponymous 5-track debut EP online beginning March 8. You can catch the live debut at SXSW on PASTE Magazine’s acoustic stage.