«Trance Emerson» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Some Background:

Dancing is not an option, but a compulsion, whenever people listen to Trance Emerson’s groove heave dance tracks. The mood to dance comes from the bass riddled dance floor. The man is a trendsetter. Trance explains that he is, “…really excited to bring a new flavor of Trance into the Trance Scene. There really hasn’t been any other artist who does trance the way I do. I am excited to do this because I feel I am ahead of the times with many of my tracks.”

The Music:

Trance Emerson’s music is groundbreaking because of his varied influences. Outside of music, Trance has a deep interest in the paranormal, metaphysical, and mysterious. His ideas come from his spiritual center. He is also fascinated by dreams and tries to translate the emotion he felt in his dreams out into danceable jams. Trance’s music has a deep sense of mystery, leaving the listener wonder what exactly is coming next. Drums can build up to a furious crescendo and then drop off, letting a hypnotic series of arpeggios and chords carry the song into the limbs of his audiece. The mix of rhythms and textures make for a richer and more diverse sound. This translates into more bodies on the dance floor and endless hours worth of good times.

Albums and Accolades:

The sometimes ethereal feel his music takes on has already been used as the soundtrack for several video games such as the Indie game Caster. He also has plans to make a CD available to buy at Music Stores and Book Stores. Eager to share the love, Trance has recorded two albums entitled, “Powerball” and “Droid Noises.” Although the album is not currently available, sample tracks can be found here on this page. Trance Emerson is currently working with A&R Select in Hollywood, CA- an independent A&R firm that is presenting their music for possible record deal opportunities, FILM, TV and Video score and publishing deals.