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Untamed Youth is a 1957 American drama film starring Mamie Van Doren and released by Warner Bros. The film has been featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Sisters Penny and Jane Lowe are arrested for hitchhiking and skinny dipping and are sentenced to work on a rural farm for a corrupt agricultural magnate named Tropp. The judge who sentenced the sisters to the farm is dating Tropp and is unaware of the treatment of the prisoners, until her son is hired to work at the farm and uncovers that a scam had been going on. Through dating the judge, Tropp ensures that all delinquents and rule breakers are ordered to work off their sentence at his farm therefore giving him a stable amount of cheap labor, allowing him to undercut all competition he faces. The judge's son also falls in love with Jane, while Penny, who performs a few songs in the film, dreams of making it big in show business.


  • Mamie Van Doren as Penny Lowe
  • Lori Nelson as Jane Lowe
  • John Russell as Russ Tropp
  • Don Burnett as Bob Steele
  • Glenn Dixon as Jack Landis
  • Lurene Tuttle as Judge Cecilia Steele Tropp
  • Eddie Cochran as Bong
  • Yvonne Fedderson as Baby
  • Jeanne Carmen as Lillibet
  • Robert Foulk as Sheriff Mitch Bowers
  • Wayne Taylor as Duke
  • Jered Barclay as Ralph
  • Valerie Reynolds as Arkie
  • Lucita as Margaritia


  • In this film, Van Doren became the first actress to sing rock 'n roll in an American musical film.

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