«Verónica Baidal» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Verónica Baidal presents a wide music proposal which projects essentially a humanist background accompanied by diverse modern rhythms. She wrote her first melody at fifteen and became a DJ at 17. During five years she made her friends and acquaintances dance to the sound of basically electronic music (house, new wave and techno), until she started concentrating on the composition of her own music. Verónica learned how to play the guitar by ear and with this instrument composes instrumental themes as well as songs. She has always been dedicated to writing, having worked as a journalist, editor and creative copy writer. On her concerts she plays her guitar and usually performs together with her brother Juan Pablo, who’s in charge of the drums and the accompanying guitar. Since 2005 she has given several thematic concerts in Guayaquil, her hometown, at the French Alliance, Centro Cultural Sarao and Sergei Rachmaninov Conservatory, among others. In 2007 she presented her music in Zug and Luzern. In April 2012 the artist released her album “Llama encendida” (Burning Flame) with 14 of her best songs, plus two bonus tracks. CONTACT INFO: In order to get Verónica’s music or to book performances please call 077 4229608 (in Switzerland) or write her to her e-mail [email protected]