«Vindictiv» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The basis of Vindictiv started early 2004 by Stefan Lindholm. After a while Stefan phoned a good friend that he had known for quite a while, Pontus Larsson (Keyboard Wizard).

They started working on some of Stefans songs, and soon they recorded a demo with singer Tommy Karevik (Seventh wonder) and guitarist Johan Larsson (Johan and Tommy band). They recorded all the songs at Stefans studio, and the vocals at Johans wardrobe studio in Huddinge, Sweden.

Finally the demo was finished in 2005. After that, the demo was featured in Sweden Rock Magazine, and got some great rewievs, but by that time Tommy and Johan decided to leave the band for some other projects, and now Vindictiv stood without a leadsinger! By pure luck Stefan got in touch with the singer Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) thru Stefans friend Baskim Zuta. Göran liked the songs and really worked his ass off, and really maked the songs sound great!

After that they got a hold of a really great Bassplayer named Nalle (Grizzlyballe) Påhlsson, (Zan-Clan, Treat, and Randy Pipers Animal), laying down the basstracks for the Vindictiv album. The bassplaying of this guy is amazing! Thru Göran Edman they got in touch with the drummer Mikael Wikman

(Planet Waves, Joakim Thåström) who was really interested in joining the Vindictiv Clan!

Mikael really created a nice vibe with his style of drumming, perfectly suited for the band!

The album was produced by Stefan Lindholm, and Mixed in august 2007 by Göran Elmquist at the Toolshed in Stockholm, who did a great job mixing the album. Göran is a really nice guy, helping Vindictiv with a lot of things throughout the process!

Göran Elmquist gave Vindictiv a tip about a photografer named Stefan Granström. He has worked with Metallica (among others) to take the pictures of Vindictiv.

The photosession took place in Stockholm on the 28th of September, the photosession went smoothly as silk according to the bandmembers (working with Stefan is a great pleasure).

And to finish off the band got signed to two major record companies, Escape music (England) and Soundholic (Japan). The album will be released worldwide! with help from The Amazing guy Magnus Söderkvist, who made this possible.