«zucchini drive» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Zucchini drive are an alternative electronic hip-hop duo, who found their roots in the winter of 2003 somewhere in between London, Paris and Brussels. What started out as sideproject of Sweden’s Marcus Graap (stacs of stamina) and Belgium’s Tom De Geeter (cavemen speak), developed quickly into a fulltime occupation. The boys both kept their influences, being the acoustic lo-fi sound of cavemen speak on one hand and the electronica bounce rythms of stacs of stamina on the other. After plenty of touring in europe and releasing a first album independently (as “the world after 4/02” first and as part of “gunporn” later), the zucchini brothers signed to 2ndrec (Europe) & Hue (Japan) to release the instant classic fullength “Being Kurtwood”. For this album Tom & Marcus could count on an impressive list of producers and guest musicians. Styrofoam, Populous and B.fleishmann from the Morr Music Label, as well as Anticon’s finest Alias. On vocals we could find the undisputed Markus Acher (the notwist), the sharp MC-duo Grand Buffet and fast rapper Bleubird. Italian indie heroes Giardini di Miro added a warm dimension to a couple of tracks. This only shows that these gentlemen can count on the respect of several important players in the genre. Zucchini Drive’s sound is fresh and continuously crosses borders. Nice to know: during the years, Marcus & Tom shared stages with Alias, Beans, Boombip, De La soul, Def Jux collective, dDamage, galapagos4, Grand Buffet, Josh Martinez, Mike Ladd, Murs, Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Shapeshifters, Sole, Technoanimal, TTC, Themselves, … Tom also appeared as a guest at some of Styrofoam’s live shows in 2005… Anyway, while tearing clubs up continuously in europe & japan, the boys started working on their newest full length in the summer of 2006. Aiming again for a different approach, they limited guest appearances and took more time to get involved in the production process. Working with musical geniuses such as Kaeoflux (us), Radical Face (us), Nomad (be), Mich Decruyenaere (be) and Pol Isaac (be), they were able to develop a coherent and unique sound. Throw in extra vocals by No surrender (US), Nomad (BE), Radical face (US) and Elissa p (US), and you get the beauty of the brand new “Goodyear television playhouse”, out now on 2ndrec (Europe) and Hue (Japan).