«Aylin Mujica» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Aylín Mujica (Spanish pronunciation: [ajˈlin ˈmuxika]; born 24 November 1974 in Havana, Cuba) is a Cuban actress, model, and ballet dancer who currently lives in Miami, FL, USA.


Aylin begins at the age of 8 years. She studied folk dance, ballet, choreography and music at the National Ballet School at the age of 15 she entered the Higher Institute of Arts where she studied drama and the 18 years studied at the International Film School in Havana, Cuba.

In 1992 she traveled to Mexico to start her career there began working as a model in television commercials and video clips from artists like Marcelo Cezán, Willy Chirino, Albita Rodriguez and others.

The actress has posed nude in Spanish magazine Interviú1 and appeared in a photoshoot in H para Hombres . In 2010, there are pictures where bare back out and says that by the time those photos and the actress was pregnant with Violeta.

In 2006, the actress began working for Telemundo. She was offered an antagonist role on "Pecados Ajenos", but declined before accepting, she was replaced by Catherine Siachoque. She worked in the soap opera "Aurora" in 2010. Her most recently appearance was in the hit telenovela "Corazón Valiente" as the main antagonist. In 2014 Aylin Mujica apears on Secreteando 2 web novela como Daniela.

Personal life

Mujica has been married three times and has three children. Her first marriage was to Cuban musician Osamu, with whom she has a son, Mauro, born in 1993. Her second marriage was to Mexican television producer Alejandro Gavira, with whom she has a son, Alejandro, born in 2000. On September 24, 2010, Mújica married actor Gabriel Valenzuela with whom she has a daughter, Violeta, born on April 6, 2010. During the summer of 2012 Aylin and Gabriel announced their divorce.


Year Television Series (Company) Role 2014-2015 Los Miserables (2015 telenovela) (Telemundo Studios Miami) main villain
2014 Secreteando (web novela) Daniela
2012-2013 Corazón Valiente (Telemundo Studios Miami) Fernanda, main villain
2010–2011 Aurora (Telemundo Studios Miami) Vanessa, co-protagonist.
2009 Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres (Telemundo-RTI) Veronica, villain
2008 Sin Senos no hay Paraíso (Telemundo-RTI) Lorena, villain
2007 Decisiones (Telemundo TV series) Aylin (episode "El precio de un sueno"
2006–2007 Marina (Telemundo-Argos) Laura & Veronica (main villain/protagonist)
2004–2005 La Heredera (TV Azteca) Lorena Madero Grimaldi, co-protagonist
2002 Agua y Aciete (TV Azteca-Zuba) Déborah
2001 Lo que callamos las mujeres (episode "Del infierno al paraíso")
1999 Hablame de amor Lucia,co-protagonist
1998 Señora (TV Azteca) Isabel Fernandez, protagonist
1997 Yacaranday (TV Azteca) Yacaranday (Lead, with Jorge Luis Pila)
1996 Canción de amor Estrella
1995 La Dueña (Televisa) Fabiola, co-protagonist
1994 El jinete de acero Gloria

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