«Barman's Fault» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Barman’s Fault is a team of young people, who’s talents and energy are entirely focused on creating music. Pop/Rock seems to be the closest to “Barman’s Fault” out of all existing music trends. However, their music goes beyond one style, each song is different and has it’s own mood. This is a first and only project for the leaders of the band Liza Tikhonova (vocals-keyboards) and Nikita Kornev (guitars).

“I started composing since i was a kid and I do it my own way. I’d rather start doing someone else’s job than write someone else’s music if no one likes mine after-all.” - Liza says. Three years ago the band got together and started from scratch. Even so, the band managed to make a huge step forward and continues to grow in it’s professionalism with the appreciation of it’s fans. Barman’s Fault’s music is a pure reflection of the leader’s life values free from fashions’ influence. You wouldn’t want to hum their songs, you would sing them out loud.

Instruments: guitar, drums, bass-guitar and vocal-keyboard.