«Caramel Jack» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Caramel Jack are a pop, folk and experimental band based in Brighton, England.


Caramel Jack formed in Brighton in 1995, around the song writing and production team of Joe Doveton and Richard Scott, and are noted for their genre-defying mixture of styles.

During live performances, the duo are augmented by a variety of additional musicians and singers, with bassist Michael Eyers, and drummer Simon Gunningham, providing the mainstay rhythm section.

Citing influences as diverse as Talk Talk, Miracle Legion,Igor Stravinsky, The Byrds, Charlie Mingus, Tom Waits and The Triffids they have produced a rich body of original work of which Uncut said: “The diversity is mind-spinning—country-folk to chamber-pop to burlesque with hip hop beats” and has led the UK promoters The Gilded Palace Of Sin to describe them as “the most inventive band to come out of Brighton.”

On their most recent albums they have had cameo performances by pedal-steel player B.J. Cole, trombonist Ashley Slater, electric cellist Bela Emerson and Los Albertos trumpet player, Des Crawley whilst their debut recordings were produced by Richard Walmsley of Beatmasters fame.

Their 2008 album, 1900, contained their only non-original recording by featuring a genuine sea shanty "Away Haul Away" (often titled "Haul Away Joe" in other artists’ recordings of the tune).


The tracks "King Solomon" and "Bring The Mountain", from their album Everybody Get Shot, were featured on the soundtrack of the 2006 film, We've Got The Toaster.


In 1996 the band made an appearance in the ITV Meridian TV show The Pier. Entitled "It's Not Only Rock And Roll" the programme also featured The Levellers, Kula Shaker, Gary Crowley and Chris Evans.

Other activities

Richard Scott contributed music that was used in the 2007 documentary interactive DVD "Traces Of Lee Miller – Echoes From St. Malo", released by ByHand Productions with the involvement of the Lee Miller Archive and the University of Sussex, about the photographer’s coverage of the siege of the French town towards the end of World War II.

Band members

  • Joe Doveton (vocals)
  • Richard Scott (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
  • Michael Eyers (bass guitar)
  • Simon Gunningham (drums)



  • The Curse Of Caramel Jack (7-track CD EP) (1998)
  • Everybody Get Shot (1999)
  • Seven Brides For Caramel Jack (2001)
  • Songs From Low Story (2004)
  • 1900 (2008)


"Modern Girls On Trains", from The Curse Of Caramel Jack, was featured on the compilation album, Abuse Your Friends Vol.2 - Various Artists.


The track "Them's Just Cats" was recorded in 2003 for Juice 107.2 radio show Totally Wired. It was featured in the shows "Metway Sessions" which are recorded at The Levellers Metway Studios in Brighton.


"We Could Build Skyscrapers", from 1900 featured on the Classic Rock Magazine spin-off, Classic Rock Presents Prog December 2009 (issue 5) free CD, 'Prognosis 5'.


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