«Chaibaba» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Chaibaba is an ambient, funky progressive fusion from Pittsburgh, PA. Their shows leave every audience in awe and begging for more of the musical magic being witnessed while the brain cannot comprehend what the body’s senses are absorbing. One song could range from psychedelic-ambient to jazzy-Latin to progressive metal. They can go from rocking a metal-punk show on a Saturday night to keeping an outdoor summer festival crowd dancing frenetically. With ten years of sound experimentation and constant performing, Chaibaba’s line-up has remained intact from its conception: Ketan Bakrania on vocals and bass guitars, his brother Vijay Bakrania on guitars, with long time friend and a musical collaborator of over fifteen years, Dino Loprieato, on drums.

Ketan’s illusive bass techniques destroy the boundaries of typical background bass playing and fulfill multiple roles: synthesizers, rhythm guitars and poly-rhythmic percussion. Vijay’s guitar sounds morph from delicately developed melodies to crude, unrelenting power chords. Dino’s drumming ties up the fundamental roots of the guitar and bass with substantial heavy beats, to eloquently funky Latin grooves. The release of their 2006 multi-genre debut album; “Slow Brewed”, demonstrates finely crafted music, filled with solid compositions flowing from one song to another, never losing its pulsating intensity, vibrating from funk to mellow, to aggressive to ambient, taking the listener on a surreal melodic trip. MUSIC: Underground Magazine called it; “hypnotic meditation into musical transcendentalism” (www.mugzine.com, April 12, 2006).

Chaibaba leads the listener to an unexplored realm of infinite possibilities, communicating feeling and stimulating unknown senses. The year 2009 marks ten years of Chaibaba, ten years that saw them jam on the streets of Amsterdam to rocking a local pub with Pittsburgh’s Prog-Rock veterans Don Caballero. They performed with Jon Fishman and The Jazz Mandolin project on a tremendous improvised session and shared the stage with international music legends, like Jamaican roots rock reggae pioneer Burning Spear. Chaibaba’s evolutionary revolution continues, and you are invited to join the sonic voyage that will bring you back transformed.