«Clark Nova Portable» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Clark Nova Portable is Rudi Simmons from Oslo, Norway. He started out recording at the age of fourteen, on a tascam four-track his mother bought him after winning a local lottery. In 2004 he got his first laptop and has since been very interested in where the two worlds meet; the scratchy organic tapes of old and the crispy clear digital blips and blops of new. Rudi is one half of Beneva vs. Clark Nova (www.myspace.com/benevavsclarknova) with two album releases, Sombunall and Dramadadatic, out now on Fenétre Records (www.fenetrerecords.com) and How is Annie Records (www.howisannierecords.com). His first solo attempt as Clark Nova Portable, No Wait Okay Now, is available as a free download from Luxus-Arctica Records (http://luxusarctica.wordpress.com).