«DJ AMP» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

A 16 year old Hardstyle/Hard Trance Dj/Producer from the UK, Dj Amp (AKA Luke Farren) Started his career at the young age of eleven after he heard faithless on the radio, he started off using Dance Ejay 4 that he got as a freebie off of a nestle cereal box it was only a demo, after his dad heard some of the tracks he produced he brought the full cd but sadly after 6 months of producing his computer got a fatal error and had to be wiped lossing all of dj amps early works short after that he got Techno Ejay 5 and Dance Ejay 7 but didn’t really get used to them so he carried on using dance ejay 4, 2 years later his uncle matt bower (AKA Dj Matty B, a Uk hard house dj/producer) gave him his old copy of Fl Studio 5 and Dj Amp left the world of Ejay behind and dived into the world of Fl Studio, Now with Fl Studio 7 dj amp has produced remixs for Special D, Three Drives On A Vinyl, The Prodigy, Eurthymics, And Robert Miles just to name a few dj amp is now focusing on jumpstyle a sub-genre of hardstyle but hopes to start reproducing hard trance and euro-trance in the near future!