«Frunt Room» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Frunt Room are the Bashup/Mastard-Pop criminals behind the eponymous Shitcom/Sodcast, also being called Frunt Room, after itself…er…themselves…er…being. . . there where it is…being the scene of most of the crimes.

Known active members of this gang, and their associates include;
The Tony Crackburn Orchestra. This is the main “cell” which consists of Tony Crackburn and his wife…er…Mrs Crackburn.

They have taken over the manor of, and are known to be still consorting with members of the previous ring-leaders, and master-criminals. The vile and foul-mouthed “2 boys”…



…Oh… “The Who Boys”

Sorry, they were known to their friends and other villains of the underground as the evil ‘t oo-boys, or some such northern nonsense.

…but without the “evil”

Currently known to be involved in.in.insidious telephone scams, nefarious eBay trading, with gross acts of misrepresentation of Rock memorabilia. They are all sociopathic kleptonemaniacs, with no regard for infringements…or or, rights of of…copy!?

Every time these musical miscreants join forces, they indulge in a binge of drunken, drug fuelled, orgiastic audio-abuse, that leaves the listener feeling dirty and screaming; “SOMEONE SHOULD BE INFORMED!!!”

“someone should be told about this!!”


…”I feel wrong!”

Be aware, this is sonic-sorcery at its most seedy and subliminal. Nothing is sacred!

Classic tunes and preconceptions sliced, diced and spilt on the floor!

They have indeed picked up some filthy…dirty…and…and frankly despicable traits, and habits from those…those perverter’s of pop, rapists of Rock…and…and…and serial sonic sodomizers The Who Boys.

The public should be advised not to approach ANY members of this axis-of-audio, no matter what tempting, shiny bauble, or degrading act is on offer.

If seen wielding a can of Stella or a bottle of wine, extreme caution is advised, and you should immediately use your phone, to video or photograph the unfolding events.

If you have no phone, but have a friend. You can use them as a human-shield so as you can get closer to the action and firmly fix the felons faces in your…er…well head.

If you have no friends. GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO OUTSIDE !!!

The public are advised to familiarise themselves with these earlier cases of lyrical-larceny & sonic-skullduggery

Audio archives of their crimes can be found at the following locations.

…but before you go

Anyone want this moustache trimmer I got on eBay?

I think I was ripped off. It’s the same as the one I already got that belonged to that bloke that invented apples, Sir Isaac Newton.

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