«Gluek» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

His first nickname was Dj Izzy but he changed it. GleaK - it’s his First and Last name together with little change. He’s Music maker, of Minimalist/Experimental music, in different styles. When he was young, he’s started producing sounds, from the age 13, and made very big progress from then, as you may noticed, but he had never learned anything about music. His inspiration comes from all kind of genres like classic pop rock of “The Beatles” or Progressive classic Rock of “Pink Floyd” back to BIG Classics like “Bach”, “Mozart”, “Beethoven” or “Rachmaninoff” and all the way back to new age music.

In his music you can found styles of music like Trip-hop, jazz, dance, funk, ambient, rock, progressive rock or hip hop but all that mixed by unique sound of GlueK.

Till now he made (for himself) five albums, but he is looking forward to make more music and find good label that can make it available to more audience/listeners.