«Гравіцапа» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Band members consider themselves living bearers of Chatlanian culture and followers of Unknown Teacher from apocryphal school Subidubishvabra. Contact with Inspiring Creature initiated the period of extraterrestrial music and psychography. The band has been seen in the relationship with “Hovorytskiy Yur” radio (it belongs to the cognominal Order, which acts in Ukraine since Bohdan Khmelnytsky). In 2009 the World (of Hague) was shaken with first Gravitsapas EP “Free Radio of Albemut”, which name is dedicated to one strange person. Musicians do not expect to find understanding on Earth, so they are trying to gain spiritual experience and create music as divinities for new audiences of spiritual connoisseurs of inadequate. Gravitsapa eschews its first musical experience, considering it sinful mistake of unconverted mind, which comes from primitive human brain.

Gravitsapa is a Ukrainian band formed in 2005. The band recorded two mini-albums: Radio Free Albemuth in 2009, which was released in 2013 by HYSM? label under the name Free Radio Taxipod, and Vulgata also released by labels HYSM? and Skrot Up in 2013.

Listeners and critics praised Gravitsapa as the pioneers of the Ukrainian math-rock stage perfoming among the most brightful experimental sounds.

The band has taken its namе after the Soviet cult film “Kin-Dza-Dza!” depicting post-apocalyptic anti-Utopia. The major theme of Gravitsapa’s work can be described in three words: mysticism, sci-fi and absurdness.

Loyalty to a one style is not an attitude to music for Gravitsapa. “A one successful experiment performed in a track to be not repeated in the other” seems to be the band’s motto. Only eternal escape from the cliché, emission of otherworldly atmosphere and attempts to create music as a tool to enter a trance.

Currently the band is heading toward neo-neo-shamanism and Shostakovich-rock.