«Guido Santoni» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ


Recorded Live October 16, 2005 at Teatro delle Muse (Ancona Italy) it’s the first solo work of composer and pianist Guido Santoni.

The production of the independent label Hijo Records expresses the absolute freedom of expression without any comercial limit;

Guido Santoni is a contemporary jazz pianist who exhibits live enjoying a complete liberty, with eyes shut, abbandoned completely to the wave of emotions and colours from the deepest intimity and carried away by a sort of a mystic force.

All this happens without any realistic explanation at every his event and the live registation becomes “the capture of the unrepeatable moment”, the opportunity of Hijo Records label is an chosen reality for all those persons who still desire to dream, the people who feel emotions are the real beneficiary of art.

Guido Santoni began studying piano of his own volition at the age of 8 with a classical course and then as a private pupil at the G.Rossini Academy of Music in Pesaro.

At the same time he discovered a real predisposition and vocation due to his early acquaintance with the electrical jazz groups dating back to the 70s such as Miles Davis, Weather Report and the european cultured jazz of ECM style artists ( Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny ).

He has been doing concerts since the 80s playing a broad spectrum of music such as electrical, experimental and funk jazz as well as soul music.

He has also taken part im a great variety of italian groups appearing in jazz exhibitions and italian jazz clubs experimenting with synthesizers with unique success.

Between contemporary jazz and cultured european music the Piano Solo Live performance of the pianist Guido Santoni represents the highest expression of Piano Solo playing.

He has accomplished all this after a lengthy inner meditation linked to the most profound feeling and enhanced by his extraordinary skills as improvisier composer.

The evolution of his jazz language over the years combined with his marked sense of rhythm and meticulous study of harmony complete the Piano Solo Live of Santoni making you imagine that you are listening to a rhythmic section while avoiding the tendency to staticness which is sometimes likely im solo music.

For Guido Santoni the music has been since ever the reason of life and jazz is a leitmotiv of his personal fantasmagoric creativity.

These two peculiarities make Santoni unique in this specific musical genre able to change the mute piano’s keyboard into a living fountain of “voices” and multicolour vibrations, which wrap up and penetrate the hearer transferring the same forms and visions desired by the artists.

The touch of his swift fingers, sometimes ruvid and often dolcissimo, does not leave space to a doubt about his technical and expressive abilities and lets feel his marked jazz inclination.

From this sonorous style Santoni creates new interpretations understandable and at the same time pleasant to whoever listens to them: so this music rises with the Artist to a real lyric, contemporary language.

An expressive form made new, that does not deny its jazz origins, but takes inspiration from the jazz and rigives it unimaginable, catchy and harmonically perfect sounds, which enrich it with new reinvented musical values, able of attracting also the most convinced sceptics.