«Jean Parlette» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Jean Parlette is a quartet from The Netherlands. Very soon they will take their sample-based Folktronica to a stage near you. Principal songwriter Jos Blomsma started the band in order to take his unique blend of home-made electronics and classical instruments on the road.

Jean Parlette has been compared to acts such as Tunng and The Notwist, but the unusual line-up and the sometimes even more unusual way the instruments are played make Jean Parlette stand out as an intriguing live band. The electronic elements in their songs are complemented by Laurens van der Meulen’s shimmering Rhodes parts, David van Egmond’s exquisite fingerpicking and Suze Steemers’ tasteful cello.

Jean Parlette likes to sing about the “Big Topics Of Life” but leaves just the right gaps in his lyrics for the listener to fill. Jean Parlette is friendly yet curious…

Almost instantly the band were proclaimed to be “The new jewel from the north” by the regional press (3voor12friesland), and the well-known Paradiso club in Amsterdam has booked the band.