«JEZHWE» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

JEZHWE short for Jeremy Jezz & NOW re-developed as SAINT SINCERE is a multi-skilled artist; Producer/Vocalist/Writer/Songwriter/Lyricist/Sound-Engineer/Graphic & Web-Designer.

Jeremy began demonstrating and showing his passion for music from an early age.

His first steps propelled him forward into studying his major influences in music.

This inspired him with reason and attracted him to the scene of one day hopefully fulfilling his purpose by establishing himself in the music industry with a solo career.

Jeremy specializes in creating Hip-Hop/Rap music. His presence, influence & structure on tracks only delivers unique & complimentary experiences to the ear, classifying himself into a very incomparable & avant garde category. Everything is unexpected and unprecedented with his vast interest & direction of focus for many other genre’s, which include; R&B, Dance/Pop, Soft Rock/Acoustic, Alternative Rock and Reggae/Dancehall.

This artist truly represents his passion for Hip-Hop and Urban Culture. His true essence lies within the mastery of rhyming, Jeremy provides a balanced platform of consciously aware music to influence the mainstream revenues by experimenting with different styles & sounds and by being able to relate to his audience.

Jeremy values establishing fundamental connections between him & his fan-base and is very open to associate on a interpersonal level. This to him is essential whilst he bears future hopes of remaining a influential figure in the UK scene.

Jeremy Jezz once known, now re-developed as Saint Sincere is now ready and genuinely developed to set his mark and take center stage. (Grab attention and grow his fan-base, it’s time to start believing, It is not something that should be missed.)

Present Recording; 10th August 2010, Jeremy released;

[Track Title] “Music Is My Life” his first professional record now available to purchase on: I-Tunes & Amazon, MP3 Downloads.

Future Recording Release Date: 1 track single, October 2010. Track Title “Sky High”.

Availability: Free MP3 Download. UNRELEASED

Cover Song: [Track Title] “Castlewalls” Released Mid-2011.

Availability: Free MP3 Download.