«Karl S Berg» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

In 1998, Karl begins to act into the music scene. First as a DJ and later as a producer. In 2004, he wins under the name of Therm a remix contest which gives him the chance to release a track with the US label Mile High House Recordings.

After a 2 years residence at the monthly Essence party, Karl S. Berg was born in May 2006 as the minimal alter ego of Therm on the occasion of Bal Minimal at the Decadance club in Ghent.

At the same period, apart from his solo productions, Karl starts collaborating with Peter Novak, one of Belgium’s most renowned DJs. In 2007, Karl releases four records on E-Motionz, including two with Peter, as well as his own remix of Groove Rebels’ Breakpoint on Hammarskjöld (now Skjöld Music), as the winner of another remix contest.

Adding different influences to his minimal identity, Karl is now a typical, yet unique, “product” of his time, where crossover and fusion have replaced a clear cut between closed music styles.