«Marcos Coll» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Marcos Tulio Coll Tesillo (born 23 August 1935 in Barranquilla, Colombia, also known as "El Olimpico") was a former International professional footballer who played for América de Cali and other clubs, and represented Colombia in the 1962 FIFA World Cup. The only Olympic goal in any FIFA World Cup was scored by Marcos Coll, beating legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin in a 4–4 draw with the Soviet Union in the world cup hosted by Chile in 1962.


Coll was born in Barranquilla in 1935. He started his career with Sporting Barranquilla 1952-1955. Then in 1956 he played for Independiente Medellín and played his first match for Colombia in a 1958 FIFA World Cup Qualifier the same year. He later played for Deportes Tolima in 1960 and then shortley went to América de Cali and played in the 1962 scoring a notable goal. Then in 1965 he played for Deportes Tolima and then in 1970-1971 played for Atlético Junior then retiring football.

1962 Olympic Goal

The only olympic goal ever scored during a World Cup was scored in 1962 while Colombia was down 4-1; Colombia was given a corner kick. Marcos Coll kicked the ball and scored a direct goal. Colombia would eventually tie with USSR with goals from Antonio Rada and Marino Klinger. On an interview, Coll claimed he aimed for the goal as the Colombian players were too short compared to their Russian opponents. Coll also said it was the first and only time he ever tried to score a goal from that position. Pundits reporting the event went on to blame legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin for not guarding his post properly. The goal inspired a reaction to tie the game 4-4. Colombia went on to lose to Yugoslavia 5-0 and to finish last in their group.

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