«Мартин Србиноски» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Martin Srbinoski was born on 02 April 1985 in Skopje - Macedonia.

Six months later his parents moved to Kumanovo, a town near the Macodonian-Serbian border, where he has completed primary school. During his studying, he showed great interest in theatre acting. He played in four professional theatre plays: “The White Gipsy” by Aco Aleksov , “The Lazar’s Letter” by Ljubisa Georgievski, “King Marko” by Dragan Dovlev and “The Other Side Of The Dark Moon” by Goran Ilic.

During 2001 Martin moved to Smederevo - Serbia with his family. While living there he has managed to enter the theatre group in Smederevo - “P.A.T.O.S.” , and performed in the theater play with pantomima “Mother Earth” by the famous mexican pantomima actor and director Horacio Sallinas. After his parent’s divorce (2004), Martin moved back to Kumanovo - Macedonia with his mother and brother.

Four months later, he has joined the Kumanovo’s underground grunge band “Blossom Pint” playing lead guitar. One year later (2005), , Martin decided to live alone in one of the most beautiful towns in Macedonia - Ohrid.

The 2006, Martin was one of the finalists in the talent show “M2 in Search for Multi-Talent”. During the next two years, he worked as a host in many local and national TV stations.

After his latest broadcast TV show “Wright Here”, in 2007, Martin started to work as a radio presenter in one of the most popular radio stations in Ohrid - “Super Radio”.

That same year he has recorded his first song “Taka i ke ostane”, where he appears as a singer, music and text writer. The song was recorded in his friend’s studio Daniel Joveski - “Sustain Studio”. Shortly after the releasing, a music video for the song was made.

A year later, (2008) Martin recorded his second song “Veke moe ne e” in the same studio where he appears again as a singer, text and music writer. The music video of this song managed to reach the 1st place on Pure Adria Chart on MTV ADRIA.

Martin is now working on his new song “Odgovor”, and singing and performing with one acoustic guitar, holding up the crowd with the gratest music hit’s…TO BE CONTINUED!!! …